Total 12
12 [CodeViser Start] The Menu [Config]-[Interface] has been Disabled. 1
11 [CodeViser Start] I am not able to see "Debug List View" because of other windows when I stop the target. 1
10 [CodeViser Start] "Debug List View" does not appear when I made a connection. 1
9 [CodeViser Start] How different Connect / Attach / Go? 1
8 [CodeViser Start] There is no my target in the list of "Device name" in the "Configuration Registers tab". 1
7 [CodeViser Start] I clicked "Scan" button but I do not get any values. 1
6 [CodeViser Start] Even though I set "RTCK" option for ARM926EJ Core, I am not able to make a connection. 2
5 [CodeViser Start] The function "Target CPU Auto Detect" does not work in my target board. 4
4 [CodeViser Start] After the USB cable of CodeViser was connected to my Computer, I am not able to use my keyboard and mouse. 7
3 [CodeViser Start] Even though USB cable is connected to my Computer, Link LED of CodeViser Emulator does not come on. 8
2 [CodeViser Start] Is it possible to use CVD program under Windows7 64-bit? 4
1 [CodeViser Start] After the new version of CVD was installed, the message "Mismatch firmware version" appeared. 10
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