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Product Feature / Configuration
CodeViser JTAG emulator provides powerful & convenient debugging functions to develop various devices based on ARM core. User can develop CDMA/GSM/GRPS/UMTS/WCDMA/3G/4G devices etc related to Mobile product and also normal embedded solution devices by using CodeViser.CodeViser supports high speed flash programming function with USB 2.0 interface between computer and CodeViser.
1. Debugging System Configration
Arm Emulator
< CodeViser Degbugging Configuration >
1. The USB 2.0 interface cable between computer and CodeViser is used.
2. CodeViser is connected to target system with JTAG Cable & Probe borad.
    1) In case of JTAG Probe, CodeViser can be used with three types of JTAG probe.
        (14pin for ARM7 core, 20pin for ARM7/9/11/Cortex/Others cores,14pin for TI chipset)
    2) CodeViser can support JTAG 1pin's voltage (3.3v/2.5/1.8) instead of target system/ If the voltage from target is
        not stable, user can change the voltage level within CVD Debugger manually.
2. CodeViser JTAG Emulator Configuration.
Arm Emulator