Various Debugging Window
Various Debugging Window support
# Symbol menu window
• Watch window • Variables window • List Section window
• Symbol by Name / Address window • Callstack window • List Section window
• List Section window • nternal Variable window • Type List window
All CVD debugging view windows support each useful debugging suv-option.
In case of [Call Stack View] window, when user click the xmain() function in figure above, CVD displays the source code
address where next function, Uart_getIntNum() function, is called and also previous register values in
[General Register] window like below.
User van trace each previous R14 Link register values and function's source code etc related to [CallStack]view window.
# View manu window
• Find View window • Memory window • iStack window
• Console View window(Semihosting/Serial/DCC/DCC3/DCC4A/DCC4B)
• Bookmakr window • Elapsed Time window • Profile window
CVD supports SEMIHOST/SERIAL/DCC/DCC3/DCC4B terminal window view.
It's not necessary to launch other terminal view software like hyper terminal.
Please select [Configure]넂[Processor]넂[Method] in Terminal Value frame like below
# Register menu window
• General Registers window • CP Registers window • User Registers window
• FPU Registers window • MMU/Cache (MMU Control Register/MMU Dump/MMU List/TLB List)
CVD supports [User Register View] option. User can configure general and special registers in ARS script file
and debug the registers within CVD.
# Performance menu window
• Performance List View window • Performance Configuration window
Performance List view window shows each column as Ratio/Count/Time/Watch time to measure
performance time of Function/File/Symbol/Task information.User can confirm the performance share with
the information of ratio,count,time&watch time for each Function/File/symbol/Task.