1) CVD supoorts multi-CVD to debug more than one core or target simultaneously.
User can program code or data on the Flash ROM (NOR/NAND/ONE NAND,etc) memory of target through the CVD.
Also it is available to select various flash devices within CVD for using programming function and CVD supports
programming function thruogh the script file (CSF & CMM).
2) CodeViser supports to debug SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing) Core (system) that more than
two processors share one memory.

ARM11MP, Cortex-A9MP,etc,are the example of SMP Core. Users can check the information of one more
SMP cores respectively through Debug List View, General Register View, CP Register View,FPU Register View,
MMU Register View, and Stack Frame View (Call Stack) of one CVD debugger.
In case of OS debugging,it is available to check which core executes the processor.